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House Clearing & Spirit Rescue 

*All house clearings are remote unless you live in the Ontario, Canada.*

Remote clearings can be done for any place in the World.  Jordan and Natashia can link into the area through a picture. For remote service investigations at a distance, please email Start Sisters in Spirit at with a picture of your home, business or space so that we can link into the energy. Remote clearing is $250 flat rate.


In-person services prices are based on location. If you are seeking an in-person house clearing, please email us at for a free consultation. 

Additional costs may be required due to cost of mileage and accommodations. 


Home clearing is a form of energy work which removes negative or dense residual energy clusters and imprints from buildings and places. Impacts of heavy or dense energy can result in feeling drained, scared or might even affect you psychologically over time. We are spiritual energy beings within a physical body. We absorb energy around us which can weigh you down as you interact and absorb heavy, negative energy cluster or imprints. 

Signs and symptoms of heavy or dense energy clusters/imprints in your space:

*Feeling a thick cloud of energy in a room

*Feeling like walking through mud or dense energy

*Feelings of being drained or pulled down into an energy field in your home/space.

*Sensing negative emotions in a space like fear, anxiety, anger or despair.

*Sensing the building has a negative history.

*Seeing dark energy or shadows in your space

Most buildings have a massive amount of residual energy. Think of it this way; imagine you never cleaned your house and the new owners also never cleaned it. And this process continued on and on again. By the third family, this home is very filthy and probably with many clumps of dirt that has piled together. When was the last time your home was energetically cleared? Has it ever been cleared? Every time something negative happens in that space, the energy grows as energy layers build and energy clusters absorb new imprints. Energy clearing is recommended for anyone buying or renting. You never know what you're moving into. Energy clearing can restore the space to it's original energy, leaving you feel safe and comforted.

Book online or email to schedule an appointment. Depending on distance, travel fees are discussed. Thank you

Ghost Removal or Spirit Rescue  is when you feel that your space is haunted and you would like the energy of the ghost removed.  Many hauntings are not negative, rather, they are spirits just passing through looking for resolution. Jordan Start is a trained Rescue Medium that helps these spirits find their way into the light. Spirits that do not wish to cross will either stay at the building if the owners/renters are in agreement with this or forcefully removed from the space if the owners/renters do not want them there. Most forceful removal of ghosts happen when the ghost is harassing the residents or creating a negative space. Jordan will do her best to keep the energy of the space calm to promote healing not only for the residents, but for the spirits as well.​

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