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Spiritual Counselling 

Rev. Jordan Start, B. MSc. is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister through the International Metaphysical Ministry. As a minister, Jordan is able to provide spiritual counseling services to those who are in need of mental, emotional, and grief healing.  In addition, Jordan had a over 7 years working as a clinical counsellor and crisis counsellor. 

** Please note, Spiritual Counselling is not the same service as individual mental health counselling. Please speak with your local social service agencies if you feel you require clinical counselling support ** 

Spiritual Journeywork

At Start Sisters of Light, we are dedicated to helping others on their path to spiritual healing and growth. In the process of becoming more spiritually aware, we often go through many challenges, hardships and rebirths. As we work towards healing, we often need guidance and support to help us have a deeper understanding and sense of clarify as we travel along our path. We understand that difficult experiences often create an awareness of the nature of our wounds, karma, and issues that are still in need of healing. In the process of releasing these wounds, our experienced spiritual advisors provide a safe and nurturing environment where  

you can navigate life’s challenges and hardships, and move through them with greater awareness, understanding and purpose. 

Under the Influence of a Spirit

The spirit world has many levels of consciousness, each pertaining to a reality of frequency. If the frequency of that level is lower or denser than the light frequency (heaven), the spirits remaining in that lower frequency will exist within a more negative reality. This negative reality results in the spirit to hold onto more negative thoughts, emotions, and psychological traumas. Often times, these spirits often will feed off of the energy of people still living within the physical world. If you feel that you are being influenced or followed by darker or negative spirit, then Jordan can help guide you to self-protection of this influence.

If you are not sure if you are experiencing influence of a spirit, please review our Spirit/Entity Removal service for more information about signs and symptoms 

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